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"...For about five or six years now the trendy word in the golf industry has been 'upscale'. But along with upscale courses have come upscale green fees. We were concern about spending too much for our golf course and pricing it out of our market, but we still wanted quality. Andy's hands-on and active role in assuring the quality and integrity of his design helped us build the course for less than we expected. Green fees are now very reasonable for our 'upscale' golf course."

Mr. James Lewis, Chairman, Green Committee, Green River Golf Club


"...As a group of avid golfers, we wanted to build a course that contained powerful strategic golf elements.  We interviewed eleven architects in our selection process and felt that they were all basically ineffective, except for one, in designing shot strategy....I believe that it is Andy Johnson's background and passion for the game that has given him the skills to design golf courses that are always a thrill to play, by all levels of golfers...even 100 times a season."

Mr. Robert Hosmer, President, Lake Front Partnership 

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"...I have been following Andy's work for the past 5 years. I think he is one of the finest, if not the finest golf course architects today. His courses are beautiful and a pure joy to play.  His feel for golf course strategy has no equal."

Mr. Paul Caldwell, Director, Public Golf Association

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