Design Philosophies

Definition Rather than Deception
Core to our design philosophy is the creation of golf holes that are well defined from tee to green. Andy Johnson Design composes golf holes to make all fairways, bunkers, ponds, and out of bounds as visible as possible from the tee. Then we make sure that the green and green side hazards can be seen from the fairway. Whenever possible, we layout the golf hole so the golfer can plan his or her strategy on the tee for the entire golf hole. This creates both fair and exciting golf shots for the players as well as speed of play for the golf course owners.

Personal Attention to each Project

The design firm’s objective is not to be the largest golf design company, but to be the best. Andy Johnson Design’s primary interest is in the quality of the work on a limited number of course designs – not on the quantity of the projects that we can become involved. Andy personally spends a significant amount of time on each project site. "I am a believer that great golf courses are built by having the architect on site, not by pushing a pencil around in an office. I am not an executive architect that delegates the design to associate or apprentice architects." It is this uncommon personal attention to each project that we feel produces the finest and most profitable golf courses in the United States.

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Sense of Place

For many years city planners have used this term to describe a planning concept which guides the creation of a town’s appeal. Golf courses are no different. Andy Johnson Design works hard to make sure that the course is more than just a golf course, but incites a pride within the community. To accomplish this each element of the golf course needs to work together in a comfortable and logical manner. There are no confusing routings, long walks from green to tee or blind golf shots in an Andy Johnson designed golf course. This "ergonomic" approach to golf course design makes for a pleasurable and satisfying place to which people naturally gravitate.

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